Forum Thread: Has anyone clocked a potato with a radar detector?

I am really interested if any one has performed an A/B test of two identical potato guns: one with taser ignition and the other with bbq switch.  What is the velocity difference.  Does anyone have any stats

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Good question. I'm around chronographs all the time and would love to perform this experiment. Have you ever actually fired both types at the same time? If so...was there an audible difference in "bang" between the two? I wonder if this really makes a measurable difference as long as both ignition systems are in the center of their respective chambers. To anyone considering doing this...make sure that not only the structures of the cannons are identical, but the projectiles are as well (or at least as close as possible).

I have not fired both types at the same time. 

Why do ignition systems have to be in the center.  What happens when the ignition is at the rear of the chamber.  and by the by, where are you located, since i may well be experimenting soon.

Entry retracted.

Hey Stephen,

Having the ignition system in the center offers the fastest possible burn time since the fuel burns outward in a sphere around the spark. If the ignition system is at the rear (as most are), one really only gets half of the the burn sphere which I imagine at least doubles the burn time. Obviously, the faster the burn time, the more powerful the explosion, leading to higher velocities. An ignition system in the very center will optimize fuel use.

P.S. I am located in Beverly, MA.

Thank you.  I am somehow believing that you have Physics Guy expertise.  So, my next prototype is going to have a centered ignition.

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