News: Knoxville caressed my gun and I surrendered to...

Knoxville caressed my gun and I surrendered to...

...his easy laugh and southern charm.  Pull this is just so electric.  Not just the spark, but the 50,000 volts cursing through the tumid chamber, filled with liquid soluble polydimethalsiloxane.

Okay. Okay.  Maybe it did not go exactly like that.  Maybe all the homo erotic Fabio-speak didn't really happen.  Maybe it only happened in his head.

The first time Johnny came over, he tested my barbeque switch ignition, gun.  Pretty great.  But as I have evangalized to anyone who listens, it is like comparing an abacus to an HP-12c.  So, this time I introduced him to my double barreled taser ignition, gun.  The house guest was pleased.  

I invite you to watch Johnny test the Ferrari of all potato guns.  

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Ferrari indeed. Talk about recoil.

I went inderstand the mecanism of piston valve

piston valves are awesome, one of the best quick release concepts

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