News: "P*nis Worship" say Freudian killjoys. This picture gallery...

"P*nis Worship" say Freudian killjoys. This picture gallery...

of guys and their potato guns....errr...ummmm..., may prove him right.

Can't a guy just enjoy hairspray, vegetables, and a big huge boom?

Transference, displacement, latency.  Psshaww.  The third stage of male development (typically ages 4-6) is considered by Freud to be the phallic stage, during which time the singular source of pleasure comes from one's genitals.  Ok.....

But don't you think if Sigmund had had access to a Home Depot, if Sigmund had had the skill set to glue pvc pipe together, if Sigmund had had a honey with AquaNet, we might be freer to worship every little inch of the potato gun?

(1) maybe freud has a point, (2) sexually confused.... (3) as a youth, he aimed for the ceiling, (4) i hope he was left behind forever, (5) i wonder who is the lucky lady, (6) "the third stage typically ages 4-6..."

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